Cashmere was the female tribute for the 75th huger games.It is unknown what games she won.She placed 10th in the 75th hunger games.

Cashmere lives in District 1.She probaly mentored Glimmer and Marvel.She is deceased.It is unknown what her weapon is.


Cashmere was reaped along with her brother Gloss,for the 75th hunger games.

In her interview she makes a speech about how she cannot stop crying of the thought of 23 past victors dying.She and the other careers took over the cornucopia managing to kill 7 other tributes.The tributes wore Seeder,District 10 female,District 9 female,District 9 male,Woof,Cecelia,and District 6 male (Morphling.).Cashmere died shortly after Johanna threw a axe into your chest.


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