Glimmer is the tribute from District 1.She comes 12th place in the book and 11th in the fi
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Glimmer is 17.Her weapon is Bow and a knife.She lives in District 1.She is Deceased.


It is unknown whether she volunteeted or got reaped.For the tribute parade Glimmer and her district partner Marvel wore spray painted silver and wore tunics.(in the film they dressed in pinkfluffy outfits.)Representing their district as Luxury.

Glimmer was a Career Tribute,she had a good chance of survival and was ready to fight.She got a score of 9 in the training sessions.


Glimmer's interview with Caeser Flickerman went very well,as she did a great job and looked the part wearing a provocative see-through gold dress.(In the movie it was a pink dress.)Katniss described her as "lush".Katniss guessed she get many sponsors.

The GamesEdit

Glimmer being a career tribute survived the bloodbath.During the bloodbath she was able to kill the girls from 10 and 6.The careers find District 8 female early in the morning.In the book she is injured by Cato and killed by Peeta.But in film it is shown that Cato hands Glimmer his sword.When the careers find Katniss.When the careers fail to kill Katniss,Glimmer agrees with Peeta to wait for her to come down.


When Glimmer and the careers chase Katniss up a tree,Glimmer agrees with Peeta to wait until she comes down.The next morning Katniss cut down a tracker-jacker nest on the careers.Glimmer and the District 4 female wore stung to death.


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